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Sweet and Sour Diesel (S)
Strain Description
These fluffy chartreuse nuggets sport a glistening crust of ivory trichomes with a dense tangle of peachy-pink pistils. They offer a pungent fragrance of a tangy grapefruit, accentuated with light notes of sage.
Medicinal Use
Sweet and Sour Diesel is an effective, natural alternative for treating: post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, Alzhiemer's Disease (AD), glaucoma, and Tourette's Syndrome; it may also reduce the patient's awareness of pain and nausea.
The patient will feel the shivers as their mind saturates with centered tranquility. This strain is great for reading a book, or using the imaginative side of the brain. This potent sativa is a phenomenal day-time selection.
Sweet Tooth x Sour Diesel
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Strain Picture

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