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Phantom Menace (S/I)
Strain Description
These extraterrestrial nuggets are chromed by creamy trichomes; they boast a glistening tangle of burnt-orange pistils, and offer a bouquet of spicy oregano and apple cider.
Medicinal Use
Phantom Menace is an effective, natural alternative for treating: Stress, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Migraine, Insomnia, and loss of appetite. It may also help to reduce the patient's awareness of pain and anxiety, leaving them sparkling with creative serenity.
The patient will definitely feel the sativa-rich gusto of this potent strain. It catapults the mind into warp speed, where things like stress and pain are forgotten. It feels like a bubble of helium inside the head that heightens sensory awareness and shu
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phantom, menace, burnt-orange, extra, space, cream, helium, stress, pain, apple cider, oregano, spicy
Strain Picture

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gene cali
2016-05-14 06:32:22The Genetics used to create Phantom Menace were from crossing lavender and green crack. The cannabis was purchased from harborside health clinic in Oakland, California.
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