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Northern Kush (I)
Strain Description
These verdurous buds boast silvery-white trichomes among a sparse spread of carrot-colored pistils; they permeate a potpourri of lavender, aloe, calamus, and the spring blooms of a bluebonnet flower.
Medicinal Use
Northern Kush is an effective, natural alternative for treatments that involve: immunomodulators, immunosuppressives, gastro-intestinal agents, psychotherapeutic agents, anti-convulsants, anti-depressants, and bipolar agents; this strain may also replace muscle relaxants, opthalmic preparations, and hypnotic agents, sedatives, and sleep-aids.
This intense strain overwhelms the patient with a calming, which carries a coolness toward the mind, and bathes the body in placidity; they will exhale their stresses, and breathe a deep sigh of relief.
Northern Lights x Master Kush
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Strain Picture

2011-11-22 00:28:31Got an OZ of this strain to smoke, and on OZ to make some bubble hash. I was impressed with the high quality, effectiveness, aroma and taste. Covered in tons trichomes, this bud was dripping with resin, and my bubble hash was spectacular! In fact, the bubble has was too good to even share with anyone more than my BEST friends, and I love sharing great buds with peeps!!! Definitely a great pain relief strain, being a hybrid of two of my favorite old timers, Northern Lights X Master Kush, this will be one I will always pick when it is on the menu. Great for pain, great for parties, just an all aound kick ass awesome strain.
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