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Grapefruit Kush (I/S)
Strain Description
These emerald green are strung loosely on a thin stem with sparse orange hairs veining through dense creamy-toned trichomes. The bouquet is a delicate blend of lavender and vanilla, highlighted by a pungent zest of grapefruit and apple cider.
Medicinal Use
Grapefruit Kush is an effective, natural alternative for treating: Alzheimer's Disease, Depression, ADD/ ADHD, Diabetes, Tourette's Syndrome and Lou Gherig's Disease (ALS).
Grapefruit Kush reduces the patient's awareness of pain and nausea, while stimulating the appetite, and relieving muscle aches and tension. It is considerably inspirational, and has tendencies to usher in fits of heightened creativity.
Grapefruit x B.C. Kush
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Strain Picture

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