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Gods Gift (I/S)
Strain Description
These emerald nuggets have soft lavender splotches of color, accentuating their long orange-red pistils and bright white trichomes. They carry a light tangy aroma of catnip and lemon grass.
Medicinal Use
God's Gift is an effective, natural alternative for treating: migraine, muscle tension, anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, OCD, and loss of appetite; it may also function as an anti-spasmodic agent.
This wonderful strain is a magnificent choice for the late-afternoon/ early- evening, when things are winding down, and the patient is looking for some release from the day's stress.
Granddaddy Purple x O.G. Kush
grandaddy purple, GDP, og kush, stress, unwind, relax, indica, inflammation, migraine, anxiety, tension, OCD, appetite, spasmodic, catnip, lemon grass, orange-red, lavender
Strain Picture

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