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Black Garlic (S)
Strain Description
These extra-fluffy nuggets have a moderate amount of dark-orange pistils slinking through a thick meadow of golden trichomes. They smell of crisp pine needles and fresh garlic with a slight undertone of sweet blackberry.
Medicinal Use
Black Garlic is an effective, natural alternative for treating: Multiple Sclerosis, depression, ataxia, and seizures; it may also reduce the patient's awareness of nausea and/or pain.
The patient will fill with a warming comfort, great for relieving muscle cramps and inflammation. This strain is a magnificent hybrid, and a marvelous compliment to leisurely activity.
Unknown x Unknown
black garlic, blackberry, pine, gold, dark-orange, fluffy, leisure, depress, inflammation, insomnia, nausea, appetite, MS
Strain Picture

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